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Updated July 21

DM us on Discord if we missed your mail/request.

NOTE: we still need to catch up with shipping, so if you can't wait, do not place your order yet.


Restock is done and shipping is back to normal (for most items).

Weekly shipping estimate: orders before #1824 (#1930 the latest).

*orders for Kin60 / mouse bungee are still delayed.


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SteelSeries Ikari Wireless

Full stock look with G305 internals.

Magnetic or qi wireless charging.

Hot-swap switches that sit totally flat.

Side & DPI buttons, DPI & charging LEDs work as stock.



62.2g legendary Kinzu-shape remake.
Ultra-thin and ultra-light AirCord.
Razer Optical Switch V2 + Viper Mini internal.

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Razer Orochi V2 qiMod 58g

58.2g No-Hole Ready-to-Use Razer Orochi V2.
Everything works and looks just like stock.
Elegantly modded with clean internals and epic weight balance.
Comes with an NTT docomo qi Wireless Charging Pad (35.00$ USD).

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Automatic-Align Wireless Charging Pad

Designed in Japan and made in China by Fujitsu (developed by Sanyo Japan).
Top-tier components including Panasonic solid polymer capacitors.
Perfect for qi wireless charging mouse mods with great compatibility.



World's thinnest paracord cable at 1.7mm (1/16").
World's lightest paracord cable (12.7g for 2M-length).
Cut-to-fit rubber SR and world's smallest ferrite bead.


ModKit for Easy Mouse Modding

No soldering required.

The most compact, lightweight, elegant mouse modding kit on the market.


USB-C Dongle for Razer Wireless Mice

The world's most compact USB-C to Micro-USB dongle. Designed for Razer Wireless Mice.

Also works with Logitech G gaming mice and any other Micro-USB devices.