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Updated May 9

Modding the Kin60 is still slower than expected.

DM us on Discord if we missed your mail/request.


Orders for Kin60 after #1376 are yet to be shipped.

Orders for other items after #1691 are yet to be shipped.


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62.2g legendary Kinzu-shape remake.
Ultra-thin and ultra-light AirCord.
Razer Optical Switch V2 + Viper Mini internal.

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Razer Orochi V2 qiMod 58g

58.2g No-Hole Ready-to-Use Razer Orochi V2.
Everything works and looks just like stock.
Elegantly modded with clean internals and epic weight balance.
Comes with an NTT docomo qi Wireless Charging Pad (35.00$ USD).

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Automatic-Align Wireless Charging Pad

Designed in Japan and made in China by Fujitsu (developed by Sanyo Japan).
Top-tier components including Panasonic solid polymer capacitors.
Perfect for qi wireless charging mouse mods with great compatibility.



World's thinnest paracord cable at 1.7mm (1/16").
World's lightest paracord cable (12.7g for 2M-length).
Cut-to-fit rubber SR and world's smallest ferrite bead.


ModKit for Easy Mouse Modding

No soldering required.

The most compact, lightweight, elegant mouse modding kit on the market.


USB-C Dongle for Razer Wireless Mice

The world's most compact USB-C to Micro-USB dongle. Designed for Razer Wireless Mice.

Also works with Logitech G gaming mice and any other Micro-USB devices.