Razer Orochi V2 Mod Guide with ModKit

This guide is updated on Dec. 19, 2021.


The Orochi V2 makes a huge compromise to accommodate AA/AAA battery. But other than that, the rest of its parts are all God-Tier ultralight. So there is great potential. Our latest mod gets the Orochi V2 down to 44g. Stock Orochi V2 with AA/AAA battery could be more than 74g.


What does this mod do?

· Replace the AA/AAA battery system with ModKit (100mAh for 30hr@1000Hz).

· Wirelessly charge your Orochi V2 (qi wireless charging).


What do I get from this mod?

· Weight reduction of more than 10g. 58g with everything works and looks just like stock with this guide. And the mod does not stop here.

· Way better weight balance (front and back, left and right) than stock.

· The convenience of wireless charging.


Tools you need:

· T6 screw driver.

· Thin plastic pry tool.

· Double-sided tape. We include 3M double-sided foam tape for the ModKit.

· Plastic cutter (optional but highly recommended, way safer than a knife).

· GPL 205 GD0 for scroll wheel lubing (optional).


Guide Summary

1. Open your Orochi V2 (T6 screws under cover, no need to remove feet).

2. Pull out the two powerlines and reconnect them to the small white 2-pin JST SH1.0 connector we provided, and plug it onto the VO of the ModKit.

3. Figure out where to place the parts. And some cable management. Done.











Q: What is a ModKit?

A: ModKit is an easy yet state-of-art power solution for AA/AAA-battery-powered mice. ModKit uses a Li-ion battery to dramatically reduse weight, and recharges its battery via USB-C/magnetic charging/qi wireless charging. Every part of the ModKit is modular, so you just plugin the modules like Legos. No soldering required. 


Q: Can I use the Mag Kit for the Orochi V2?

A: Yes you can. You can put the magnetic charging connector onto the DPI button area like this.


Q: Why do you recommend the qi Kit and the Mag Kit over the Entry Kit?

A: Our qi wireless module and magnetic charging connector is easier to be placed inside the Orochi V2. While with USB-C (Entry Kit) you need to do a lot of cutting and gluing on the shell to make sure that you USB-C port is firm and secured. However there is a 3D-printed design with USB-C on reddit.


Q: What if my Li-ion battery degrades after years of use?

A: The current battery that comes with our ModKit retains around 80% of its capacity (110mAh norminal capacity) after 500 times of full recharge.

The battery will aways be available on our site ($7 USD). And we may upgrade its capacity while keeping the same size and weight down the line.


Q: Can I use other power source to mod the Orochi V2?

A: Yes you can! ModKit just makes mouse modding way easier, but you can also use other power source (e.g. LR44 battery) for the Orochi V2 as the + and - powerlines that powers the Orochi V2 inside the mysterious 10-pin connetor are explained in the guide.